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Excellent ce petit jeu MD ! Bravo ! :)

Merci Vétéa, venant d'un expert de la MD comme toi, ça me touche beaucoup ! :)


This is a great achievement for the very short time!

I cant get passt the 4th egg beccause two hit the floor at the same time. Any hints?

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Hi thanks a lot for your support, it's very appreciated!

It's cool that you tested it on your Genesis! :)

As I said, the game is very unbalanced for now (1 hour is very short!).

To pass the 4th egg, you have to catch them a bit latter (i.e. make the egg touch the legs of the chicken), so they will go less higher, and reach the basket. My current record is 6 eggs :). But don't worry, I'll try to work more on the game to have a more balanced gameplay, as in it's current state it's way too challenging!