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Android is better


Very interesting game, i love the mechanic of grabbing the enemies and using them as weapons, whats even more impressive is that its a real gameboy rom aswell! Amazing work 

Thanks a lot for your kind words! :)


I see catskull has closed shop, any plans to release it elsewhere? I see ferrante crafts sort of took over for catskull


Hi! Thanks a lot for your interest! 

Yes, I'm currently working on having this game (and also my other GB games) available on another shop.

It'll take some time as I'm working on having a fully boxed release available alongside the "cartridge only" one, but they will definitively be available again as physical format.

I'll make a post here again when it's available so you can get the information :)


thanks for the heads up!

You're welcome :)!


As promised, here is some news: DMG Deals Damage is now available again in physical format, and so does Sheep It Up!

The games are comes in a beautiful fully boxed edition (cart, box, manual), or as a single cart like before. And of course, if someone  bought the "cart only" version before wants to upgrade it, we are also selling a "package only (manual + box)" version too!

You can get the new physical edition of DMG Deals Damage from here:


I really love this game! Perfect little treat!

Thanks a lot! :)


Interesting Idea and some nice Pick up and play arcade like game-play,
and I love the history of handhelds and the fact that you can get a legit cart as well!


Thanks a lot for your comment, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)


Best game ever!

As good as Sheep it up!

DMG really does deal some damage there!! I'm Impressed!


It's a fun game and a good way to honor the 30 years of the Gameboy :)

How do you manage to embed the gameboy game?. It's great to play on web.

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Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

The web version is simply an HTML5-based Game Boy emulator. For this game, I used RetroArch with Gambatte core (you can download it here: For my previous GB game, Sheep It Up, I used GBonline ( Both work smoothly, but I find the sound emulation better and more accurate with Gambatte. Let me know if you need help to configure either of them for your own game, i'd be happy to help!

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Thanks for the info (and the offer), I'll try to do it with those emus


When will you stop selling the physical cartridge? I'm currently saving for joycons and more stuff for my switch so it could be a while until I could buy it.

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Hi, the physical release is not a limited series - it's build on order by Catskull himself. So don't worry, it should stay available for sale for quite a while (my previous GB game, Sheep It Up, has been available this way since 2 years).

I hope you'll enjoy the game and playing it on an actual GB! :)


That's great! Thanks so much for the info


How do you kill the high end or whatever its called?

Hi, to kill the PC-Engine GT (the "high end") you must catch the bombs it throws at you before they explode, and then send them back to the boss.

If you avoid a bomb when the boss shoots at you, it'll stop when it hit a wall, and will stay there for a couple of seconds before exploding. You have to catch the bomb in this narrow time window!

I hope you'll manage to beat it :)

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thanks lol i was stuck in the room for like 5 minutes and the gave u