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So wait, this is p much the stop n swop on crack, isn't it?


I've heard this music on an another game boy homebrew... Also really great game :)

Thanks a lot

And yes, the music in a very cool public domain resource file produced by a member of the talented GB Studio community, so it's used in several games :).

It's titled "In The Town" and composed by krümel (crumb)#0723, under a public domain license (GB Studio Community Assets):


You should start a kickstarter or crowdfund to make physical versions with labels and boxes and everything, i would back it!


I would back it too!

Hi! The day has come, we have a Kickstarter campaign for the physical release of GB Corp, with some very unique items and goodies inside the box:


Woaw, thanks a lot for your interest and your support!

I'm definitively planning on expanding / enhancing the game, and try to make a physical release for it in the future :)!

Hi! The day has come, we have a Kickstarter campaign for the physical release of GB Corp, with some very unique items and goodies inside the box:

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I love this game! I'm curious though, how is it able to tell between the dmg and pocket? I could've sworn they were the same hardware-wise lol. (except for smaller form factor ofc.)

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To be honest, the low level hardware detection is performed by the SDK i use: GBDK-2020

The test itself is made at startup: (see __cpu variable)

Basically, the boot rom is slightly different and leaves the values of some register in different states at startup, and that's how we can detect which GB model we are running on (for DMG / Pocket / Color / Advance detection). For the detection of SGB, it's different: we ask to enable some SGB only features (such as mutliplayer support). If the machine replies a with specific value, then it's running on a SGB, else it does nothing meaning it's not running on a SGB but on another Game Boy model.


That's super interesting! I had no idea that was even possible! It'd be really cool if you added gba and gba sp functionality, although just gba as a whole would be awesome too!


hello dr ludos, look days ago i discovered that i saw a page where they sell gameboy plates of i think 500 kb with battery, so with that you could make bigger gamboy games if you want

Really awesome concept but if the game is saving every second you should warn folks not to play it on carts such as the EZ Flash Omega that try to save directly to the SD card - for those carts, you are meant to wait a number of seconds after saving before powering off the system, otherwise the SD card will be corrupted. If the game is constantly saving there won't be a safe point to turn the system off.

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Hi, thanks for the kind words, and for the warning!

I only have an Everdrive GB (1st model) at home, and it doesn't have any issue with this as it saves the SRAM content on SD cart only when we are loading a new rom. But if you have a Flashcart that writes directly the SRAM contents on the SD card, yes, it definitively can be an issue I guess.

The current version of the game doesn't have a pause feature, but I'll add it for a next version so people with such a FlashCart can "disable" the SRAM writes to avoid corrupting the SD card.

Regarding the EZ Flash Omega, can it run GB/GBC roms? (as it's a GBA flashcart if I'm not mistaken). If no, I don't think this device will be able to run the game: to run this game on a GBA you should run it from a "Game Boy" Flashcart so the console switches to the "GBC" mode instead of the GBA one.

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Yeah even though it's a GBA cart it has a modified version of Goomba built in so it can load *.gb/*.gbc files directly, which also saves directly to the SD card. Adding an option to disable the SRAM writes sounds like a great idea for users with some of the weird flash carts out there


any chance we can get a physical release of this game?!?!?

Hi, thanks a lot for your interest! 

I do intend to keep working on this game (for example, adding new GB models), and then yes, I'd like to make it available in physical format. I've already released 2 GB games on cartridge  in the past few years, so I'll try to do it for this game too!


Add the Gameboy Light option please!!!


The Gameboy Light is basically a Gameboy Pocket with a light. Something like this I highly doubt it can happen.


YES!!! I would be all in if you made a physical copy. I have an original GB, GBC, GB Pocket, GBA SP, and a Super Game Boy.  I know it's an undertaking, but IF you ever make this a physical copy, I don't know how I can get on a list to be notified, but I would like to be the first one signed up LOL. Best of luck and continued success!!!

Woaw, thanks a lot for your support, it's motivating! :)

If I manage to push this project up to a physical release, I'll announce it on my newsletter. You can subscribe to it from here: Dr Ludos releases newsletter

Also, I post early beta versions and in progress information of all my homebrew projects for my supporters on Patreon:

Hi! The day has come, we have a Kickstarter campaign for the physical release of GB Corp, with some very unique items and goodies inside the box:


How about you add GBA support? The newest GBDK version should have it.

This is a very good idea indeed! I wasn't aware the newest GBDK did have this feature, thanks for telling me, I'll look into it! The game is compiled with the 4.0.4 version of GBDK-2020, as I didn't want to update the SDK a few days before the deadline to avoid "breaking stuffs, but now I'll take time to update and explore the 4.0.5 version!


There should be an is_gba variable or something like that.

I've checked the latest version, and there is indeed a is_gba variable now. Thanks a lot for the heads up, I'll definitively use it to add GBA support in a future version of the game :)!


You could also add support for the SGB2 using a similar method to Tetris DX to detect the SGB2.

Yes, I do plan to try to add SGB2 support too in the future :)

(first I need to get an actual SGB2 to test if everything is working well :p)


What a  very special game! :o
Tried it on emulator for  a short time. Will play in on real hardware tomorrow! :)

Thanks! I hope you'll enjoy it on real hardware too :)


Absolutely. Played it for a while and it became one of my favorite gbcompo games!  :)

Woaw, thanks a lot for your feedback, it's really motivating to keep doing such games :)