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I'm just reading your article about genesis development and I'd tried to play this game and I love it. It's very funny :D. 

I'm impresived how you have got to convert the voice audio in game. Its awesome.

And remember...Genesis does... :P

Hi, thanks for the kind word and I'm glad you like the game! :)

Regarding audio conversion, all credits must go the SGDK, the devkit I used: there is a audio driver that allow you to convert a standard .wav file to play it back on the Genesis, so it's quite easy to do on this machine thanks to this tool.

And yes, Genesis does.... ! ;)


here's what nintendo should've responded with "does what segcan't"

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is it ok if I can copy this game and put it on my profile with my other games ill still give you credit for making the Original game

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if yes i need the HTML5 file


Free tip for developer- What would have made this game ace is giving the game Dark Castle for someone playing Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde on NES!

Excellent recommendation :). Although I'm not sure which one could be defined as the "better" one!


Well, it's trading either Dr Jekyll or Lester The Unlickly for Dark Castle since I consider those games to be the NES, the SNES & Sega equivalent of Tommy Wiseau's the Room. ;-)


Hey Dr. Ludos can you put Xbox Controller Support Thank-You


Do that on your emulator


This trivia game is awesome to look Sega equivalents to Nintendo games because Genesis does what Nintendón't.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the game! :)


I like the game! Thanks for some joy for the MD birthday! 

Best marketshare 37% tho...

Woaw, thanks a lot for your support!

It's really motivating to keep doing game like this, thanks a lot! :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, and congrats on reaching 37%, that's quite a good score - but it's possible to go to 100% and make SEGA rule the world! ;)

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Fun little way to give a bit of thought to what Sega-alternatives you might recommend your Nintendo-gaming friends. If there's one suggestion I could give for a possible update, it might be nice to add in a slightly "better" ending/game over screen for players that manage to reach 100% market share. (That said, my current record is 177%.)

Hi, thanks for your feedback!

Woaw, 177% that's impressive! I think that's the current record. Even after loads of thorough testing, my current personal record is 145% (and I know every answer by heart!).

Thanks for your suggestion though - to be honest, I wasn't expecting many players to reach the 100% threshold, or get  over it!