Yo-Yo Shuriken released on Neo-Geo MVS AES and CD

Hi everyone!

Today I'm pleased to announce the release of my game Yo-Yo Shuriken for Neo-Geo. The game is available on MVS (arcade), AES (home console) and Neo-Geo CD versions.

The game is a single-screen shooter with a unique twist: you are using a single shuriken that can be thrown, then recalled so you can hit enemies from the front and/or from behind. The game is even more fun with a friend, with a cooperative-competitive 2 players mode.

You can get the game ROMS (MAME, ISO, NeoSD...) from here: https://drludos.itch.io/yo-yo-shuriken-neo-geo

The game is also available in physical format for Neo-Geo CD from here (you'll receive the AES, MVS and CD ROMs for free when buying the physical release): https://cotegamers.com/shop/en/accueil/153-yoyo-shuriken.html

I hope you'll enjoy it, and feel free to ask me any question! :)


YoYoShuriken_MAME.zip (MVS and AES version for MAME) 3 MB
Mar 29, 2023
YoYoShuriken_CD.iso (NeoGeo CD ISO) 1 MB
Mar 29, 2023
YoYoShuriken.neo (for NeoSD Flashcart) 11 MB
Mar 29, 2023

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